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My mission with Sacred Willow, is to be of service and help each of you come back to wholeness.  Through using the Vibrational UPgrade™ System, a complete system of energy medicine and mindfulness coaching developed by Dr. Alison J Kay.  Vibrational UPgrade™ is formulated to helping those who are living in an existence of struggle, whether emotional, mental or physical to a system that is healthy and flowing and thriving.  My goal through my energy medicine training and certification in Vibrational UPgrade™ and Reiki is to help clients find their path back into wholeness and feel the sacredness that is within and all around us.


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With over 20 years in the recruiting industry and 3 years owning my own recruiting business, I have started to feel like there is something more I need to be doing.  I was losing my zest for life.  Through my exploration of myself and my life purpose, I discovered the holistic approach to healing and stress relief. I made the decision to train under Dr. Alison J. Kay the founder of Vibrational UPgrade™ & became certified as a Reiki Master and Vibrational UPgrade™ Practitioner.  Healing feels so natural to me.  I believe each of us has a gift to contribute to help one another evolve and my gift is healing.  I know in my heart that is what I am meant to do. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Shelley Woodcock

Reiki & Vibrational UPgrade™

Trained & Certified 

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Did you know there are over 400 species of willow trees?  The weeping willow was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes.  The willow’s spiritual meaning is love, protection & healing.  It is also known as the immortality tree as a single fallen branch can take root and regrow into a whole new tree even in the harshest of conditions.  


Developed by Dr. Alison J. Kay, the Vibrational UPgrade™ System brings balance and harmony to the natural flow of energy in the chakra column. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to unlock and clear the unconscious and subconscious blocks that are slowing down the flow of life force and causing disruption to one’s energy level, mental clarity & physical well being.


By opening up the flow within the chakra column, this allows a natural vibrational state for more positive possibilities to enter one’s life along with speeding up spiritual awakening.


Reiki is a natural approach to healing with Japanese origin and discovered by Dr. Usui.


The word Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy”. Reiki is delivered to a client from a reiki practitioner through the hands and works to strengthen and bring back balance to one’s own energy flow and fosters a healing environment on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Sessions are given while laying down on a massage table fully clothed.  The practitioner will flow the energy either by light touch or hands held above the body.

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Channeling Golden Vortex healing energy

Creates deep relaxation

Promotes harmony & balance

Reduces stress & anxiety

Supports the immune system

Fosters mental clarity

Aids in better sleep

Helps with pain relief

Clients typically feel calm and relaxed during a session and some clients do fall asleep. You may feel some heating or cooling sensations and/or tingling, or you may not feel anything at all. Don’t worry, the healing is still occurring even if you don’t feel anything. Your experience just depends on how sensitive your body is to the energy.


Holland, MI 


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